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Livestock Feeding / Mixer Wagons

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Listing Type Used
Stock Number S27
Refcode TA829450
System Type Twin
Configuration Vertical
Number of Augers 2
Tub Capacity - m3 20

Standard Specifications:
Vertical feed mixer Generation III
2 Double Action augers with long-life serrated cutting knives
Unilateral main bearing
2 adjustable counter knives
Planetary drive with spherical bearing per auger
Large transparent sight glasses for inspection of oil level of the gearboxes
60mm protection tube on top of tub
Central lubrication of the augers
Left and right in the front one hydraulically operated unloading door (2 double acting tractor valves
Variable output chute at unloading doors
Chassis prepared for weighing system
Perforated platform with stairs
Walterscheid PTO shaft with shear bolt protection
Unique Auger Construction:
Vertically positioned inner tube
Planetary drive box filled with synthetic oil
Solid beam frame
Heavy spherical bearing for extra support
20mm steel support plate
Polyamide top bearing (self-greasing)
Chrome molybdenum drive axle
Seal protector
Auger steel with high force resistance
Extra discharger for continuous feed discharge
Kicker for equal discharge pattern
Stability cone for the inner tube
Concentrically placed outer tube
Slanting steel bottom knife.

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